Does Sex Really “Sell?”

Does sex really sell? Not necessarily. In a poll that showed up on, the older the prospect you’re targeting, the more likely they are to dislike s*xy ads. I say that, by the...


The Positioning Myth

In the classic marketing book, “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind,” authors Trout and Ries made it clear. In any marketing challenge, you often get one shot at staking out your territory inside your customer’s cranium… Either you’ll get it right and have loyal customers lined up at your back door, ad infinitum… or you’ll blow it and spend a fortune trying to re-invent their perception of you, possibly for years to come…


Entrepreneur Spotlight: David Ogilvy

Today’s spotlight entrepreneur and sales legend is David Ogilvy.  You may recognize him as the ad man behind iconic campaigns for Dove, Schweppes, and Rolls-Royce.  However, he started out in door-to-door stove sales for Aga Cookers.  He was so…

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