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The World’s Toughest Girl Scout 0

The World’s Toughest Girl Scout

Jennifer, in case you haven’t heard, is a 15-year-old Girl Scout from Dearborn, Michigan. And Girl Scouts, as I’m sure you know, have sold cookies – from the chocolate mint wafers to those puffy marshmallow things – for decades… Jennifer sold not just 10 or 100 or even 1,000 boxes of cookies, but a stunning 17,328 boxes. How did she do it?

Entrepreneur Spotlight: David Ogilvy 0

Entrepreneur Spotlight: David Ogilvy

Today’s spotlight entrepreneur and sales legend is David Ogilvy.  You may recognize him as the ad man behind iconic campaigns for Dove, Schweppes, and Rolls-Royce.  However, he started out in door-to-door stove sales for Aga Cookers.  He was so…

A Painful Lesson in Supreme Service 1

A Painful Lesson in Supreme Service

With a pivot and a leap, I landed back on another moving walkway ready for another full tilt run… when something went “pop” in my left leg. Like a bullet, like a hammer, like something your leg is not supposed to do… especially when you’ve got a flight to catch… but it went ahead and did it anyway.

How “Free” Really Works 1

How “Free” Really Works

Colleagues of mine call it the “Krishna Principle.” I’ve also heard it called the “Rule of Reciprocity.” The idea is that, by giving something or offering to give something, you open up the customer to give you something in return. Does it work? All the time. Take these examples from Robert Cialdini’s famous must-read marketing book…

From “Just Learning” to “Bigtime Earning” 0

From “Just Learning” to “Bigtime Earning”

LOTS of people study copywriting. Only a few of those actually make the leap and DO it. What makes the difference between them? Getting that FIRST client. When the “big time earning” copywriters look back, it often feels like it was no big deal. But looking forward, I understand it can be daunting. That’s why I’ll let you in on a little secret…

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