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Read this NOW, or the Puppy Gets It! 0

Read this NOW, or the Puppy Gets It!

Years ago, I think it was National Lampoon sent out a mail campaign trying to get subscribers… or maybe it was renewals… with a picture of a man holding an adorable puppy draped over his left arm. In his right hand, he held what looked like Dirty Harry’s revolver. The headline read (I’m paraphrasing): “Subscribe now or the puppy gets it!” Depending on how you feel about puppies, that qualifies as an “urgency” pitch. Of course, there are other ways to create urgency.

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Improve Your Copywriting in 15 Steps

Talented copywriters are able to motivate people to take action by purchasing goods or services through writing alone. You can ensure a higher conversion and click through rate simply by providing excellent copy. If your landing page is poorly written…

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