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Know WordPress? 

How about PHP? 

And anything else along those lines, for that matter. 

Because yours truly is looking for a little help. Yep, I’m hiring. Well… in a manner of speaking. Truthfully, what I’m most likely to do is go to one of the many excellent outsourcing sites I’ve seen (, GetFriday, Yo

urManInIndia, etc.) and hire someone from there. 

But just in case you find it interesting, here’s what I’m looking for: This website needs tweaking. For instance, I’ve discovered that it’s programmed to crash Internet Explorer 6. Not intentionally so. But it’s successful at it nonetheless. 

It also has a strange stickiness to it that hangs on to some design changes I’d like to dump, even after I’ve tweaked them in the behind-the-scenes customization interface. And it “breaks” some features. Like the Archives, for instance (go ahead, click ’em… you won’t get anything, even though there’s a plug in set up to deliver archives that’s supposed to do the trick.)

Then there are the things I just don’t know how to do but would like to. Add in design pages that don’t have the sidebars and header. Have sales pages that I can link to but that remain hidden until they’re referenced in ads. Create a forum for you guys to poke around and chat with each other. Create a membership only paid part of the site where I can give away lots of extra goodies. Program in some SEO keywords, etc.

And so on.

So how about it? Anyone out there a closet programming whiz? Warning… since I can outsource a lot of this stuff fairly easily, I’m not looking to hire full-time or to spend a bundle. I just want to get a couple of repairs made so I can open up access to the site and increase the traffic. 

Drop a comment onto this article and it will get to me via email.

Last modified: March 7, 2017

5 Responses to " Help Wanted… "

  1. Steve Odette says:


    I have a fantastic PHP programmer that I’d like to recommend to you (but didn’t want to put here in case this comment is public… don’t want to have everyone and his brother/sister swamping my guy!).

    He is top notch, fast, very affordable, and a great communicator… tap me a note to my email if you are interested in a proven referral (those are hard to find, huh?) and I’d be happy to forward his info to you.

    Also… though I don’t fit what you are looking for in your post, what/how could I be of service to you? I’m just a “likkle newbie” in copywriting, but hey… any virtual floors you need swept or cyber toilets you need cleaned? LOL… 😉

    I’d gladly trade what I can for feedback and guidance on my copywriting… provided I could be of value to you in some way?

    Give it a thought if you have a minute… perhaps I might just be your “saved this copywriting wannabe from a life destitute of fulfillment, lacking in purpose, and void of paychecks…” protege’ story of the year for 2009? 🙂

    Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen said it best… “Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask…” If you don’t ask, you will never know what could have been, right?

    Regardless… email me and I’d be thrilled to pass on my php programmer info, I know and trust his work and I am certain he could help you with any php challenges you have… hands down, no problems.

    Have a great and a “spooky-fun” Holloween weekend.

    Your fan…


  2. Ellese says:

    Hi John,

    We build sites and we have PHP programmers and experience in setting up wordpress blogs for our customers. If you are interested please email me.

    We are religious readers of your weekly newsletter.



  3. John Forde says:

    Hi Ellese, Steve…

    Thanks for these posts and proposals. Sounds great! I realized after posting my request that I should have asked readers to use the “contact me” option in the menu, so I could capture their email addresses. I’ll head to your respective sites and use your contact forms there to send you more info.


    John F.

  4. Dick Matus says:

    Site is more sterile looking than I expected…kind of ‘industrial strength’ look to it…I don’t feel as though I’m going to have fun rooting around in it…anyway, best of luck with the bugs, they don’t sound to me like they’re insurmountable…best of luck…Dick

  5. jackforde says:

    Hi Dick,

    Yeah… there are some changes to it that I have in mind to address exactly that point. But it seems like a waste of time to do so until I can tackle the bugs. And thus far, no luck yet. The catering to IE 6 and now, apparently, IE 7 that have proved to be the biggest challenge.

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