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The Comprehensive Brainstorming ToolkitFREE GIFT #1: The Accelerated BRAINSTORMING TOOLKIT (a $49 value, but yours free)

I’ve personally compiled, perfected, and used these six powerful tools to develop countless control packages… and to train countless new copywriters. Sure, there are lots of ways to brainstorm “Big Ideas.” But the techniques you’ll find in this short nine-page report are both easy to master and the most straightforward you’ll ever come across. From four key questions you can ask at the start of any project… to a simple set of universal lead types you can use… a filter that helps you polish and refine your best ideas so they’re as “tight” and clear as possible… to a double-set of checklists for making sure you carry your best idea through as effectively as possible… it’s all inside. This would normally be a $49 report, but it’s yours free as my gift, to thank you for trying the Copywriters Roundtable.

15 Deadly Copy Mistakes You Can Easily AvoidFREE GIFT #2: 15 Deadly Copy Mistakes You Can EASILY Avoid (a $29 value, but yours free)

What do you do when your sales copy just isn’t working? Out of all the things that you think might be going wrong, these 15 front-to-back errors are not only among the most common… once you identify what they are, they can be among the easiest for you to fix. This second free gift report shows you now. Normally, it would go for at least $29, but this second report is yours free as my gift, to thank you for trying the Copywriters Roundtable.

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As a special surprise “thank you,” please accept the third gift you’ll receive — yours the moment you sign up. I’ll save the surprise for your welcome email, but here’s a hint: this is easily one of the most revered — and possibly the most famous — source of all sales copy and marketing genius. If you don’t have a copy, you need one. And if you already DO have a copy, it wouldn’t hurt to have a second in your arsenal. There are no strings attached to this third free gift — like the others, it’s yours to keep, just to thank you for giving the Copywriters Roundtable a try. You’ll find out more the moment your welcome email arrives!

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By claiming your reports, you’ll also immediately qualify to start receiving — also FREE — the Copywriters Roundtable every week (I send it to you on Tuesdays). Inside, you’ll find all kinds of insights related to the written word, marketing, your copywriting career and how to make sure you get ahead, plus plenty more. I like to have fun writing each issue, so I’m sure you’ll have fun reading it too. You don’t need to take my word on this, by the way.

Here’s what some of my readers say…

“I’ve been getting your stuff for two plus years… great stuff!” says Tim Hayes.

This is a great newsletter,” says Flo Elliott. “I read every word… keep them coming!”

Thanks for an excellent newsletter,” writes reader Ankesh Kothari.

Even the industry heavy hitters seem to have taken a shine.

Says the original copywriting “Success Doctor” Michel Fortin…

I’m incredibly picky. There are only a small handful of newsletters I eagerly anticipate and devour each issue from tip to toe. And there are even less from which I actually implement the tips they share. Copywriters Rountable is one of them. I’ve been a subscriber for, oh, many years. I still learn from it, even to this day. In fact, when I coach junior or aspiring copywriters, John Forde’s newsletter is on my shortlist of absolute ‘must-haves’.

“Each issue is jam-packed with no-nonsense, straightforward, and exceptionally insightful strategies any copywriter or marketer can profit from, regardless of skill level or experience. But a word of warning, though: as you read, be prepared to have a few ‘aha’s!’ hit you on the head… Epiphanies that will literally cause your copywriting to become a lot more profitable. Dangerously profitable.

Sean D’Souza, the man behind, writes…

“The toughest thing in the world is to write copy that educates and entertains. John Forde does just that. And unlike a lot of hype-merchants, John does it without the hoopla. If there is one person you need to read — and read on a consistent basis –it’s Mr. Forde. You’d be a dope not to.”

And top copywriter Bob Bly says…

“The single best e-newsletter on copywriting is John Forde’s Copywriter’s Roundtable. I suspect this is because John is one of the top DM copywriters in the world. Most copywriting newsletters, by comparison, are put out by novices.

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