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Michael Fortin, The original copy “Success Doctor”“I’m incredibly picky. There are only a small handful of newsletters I eagerly anticipate and devour each issue from tip to toe. And there are even less from which I actually implement the tips they share. Copywriter’s Roundtable is one of them.

“I’ve been a subscriber for, oh, many years. I still learn from it, even to this day. In fact, when I coach junior or aspiring copywriters, John Forde’s newsletter is on my shortlist of absolute ‘must-haves’. Each issue is jam-packed with no-nonsense, straightforward, and exceptionally insightful strategies any copywriter or marketer can profit from, regardless of skill level or experience. But a word of warning, though: as you read, be prepared to have a few “aha’s!” hit you on the head… Epiphanies that will literally cause your copywriting to become a lot more profitable. Dangerously profitable.

Bob Bly, author of over 70 books“The single best e-newsletter on copywriting is John Forde’s Copywriter’s Roundtable. I suspect this is because John is one of the top DM copywriters in the world…”  

Clayton Makepeace, – “John, I really enjoy reading your stuff…”

.Clayton Makepeace, – “John, I really enjoy reading your stuff…”

Peter Stone,“Jack, Just a note to thank you for delivering another pithy edition of your newsletter. I consistently find your content immediately useful, no matter the promotion I’m writing.”


Chris Marlow,– “John, I don’t know how many years ago it was that I discovered the Copywriter’s Roundtable, but unlike the dozens (hundreds?) of other ezines I’ve opted-out of, I’ve never unsubscribed to yours. The writing always has a freshness about it, and the subject matter’s always relevant. Plus the Copywriter’s Roundtable is not always about hard core business…your moments of philosophy are refreshing. Thanks!”

.Sean D’Souza,“The toughest thing in the world is to write copy that educates and entertains. John Forde does just that. And unlike a lot of hype-merchants, John does it without the hoopla. If there is one person you need to read-and read on a consistent basis-it’s Monsieur Forde. You’d be a dope not to.”


Katie Yeakle, American Writers & Artists Inc – “I feel like a broken record saying this — another great issue, John!”


Nick Usborne, Excess Voice – “I’m enjoying your newsletter — great stuff.”.

Addison Wiggin, #1 NYT Bestselling Author“John, Great newsletter… you can quote me on that!”


Suzanne Richardson,– “John, I loved both your latest articles — then again, I have a hard time NOT loving the stuff you write…” –

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